Naked in the Promised Land: A Memoir #2020

Naked in the Promised Land: A Memoir By Lillian Faderman Naked in the Promised Land A Memoir Born in Lillian Faderman was the only child of an uneducated and unmarried immigrant Jewish woman Her mother whose family perished in the Holocaust was racked by guilt at having come to Americ
  • Title: Naked in the Promised Land: A Memoir
  • Author: Lillian Faderman
  • ISBN: 9780618128754
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Naked in the Promised Land: A Memoir By Lillian Faderman
    Naked in the Promised Land: A Memoir By Lillian Faderman Born in 1940, Lillian Faderman was the only child of an uneducated and unmarried immigrant Jewish woman Her mother, whose family perished in the Holocaust, was racked by guilt at having come to America and left them behind she suffered recurrent psychotic episodes Her only escape from the brutal labor of her sweatshop job was her fiercely loved daughter, Lilly, whose poBorn in 1940, Lillian Faderman was the only child of an uneducated and unmarried immigrant Jewish woman Her mother, whose family perished in the Holocaust, was racked by guilt at having come to America and left them behind she suffered recurrent psychotic episodes Her only escape from the brutal labor of her sweatshop job was her fiercely loved daughter, Lilly, whose poignant dream throughout an impoverished childhood was to become a movie star and rescue her mother Lilly grew up to become Lil, outwardly tough, inwardly innocent, hungry for love and success A beautiful young woman who was learning that her deepest erotic and emotional connections were to women, she found herself in a dangerous but seductive lesbian underworld of addicts, pimps, and prostitutes Desperately seeking to make her life meaningful and to redeem her mother s suffering, she entered the University of California at Berkeley and worked her way through college as a burlesque stripper A brilliant student, she ultimately achieved a Ph.D At last she became Lillian, the woman who in time became a loving partner, a devoted mother, an acclaimed writer, and a charismatic, groundbreaking scholar of gay and lesbian studies Told with wrenching immediacy and great power, this is an extraordinary memoir the nakedly honest and very American story of an exceptional woman and her remarkable, unorthodox life.
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      Lillian Faderman is an internationally known scholar of lesbian history and literature, as well as ethnic history and literature Among her many honors are six Lambda Literary Awards, two American Library Association Awards, and several lifetime achievement awards for scholarship She is the author of The Gay Revolution and the New York Times Notable Books, Surpassing the Love of Men and Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers photo by Donn R Nottage

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    • there are many commendable things in this lesbian memoir, not least its unabashed lesbian focus this is very much a story about making lesbian choices in times when lesbian choices were dangerous and politically unwise faderman is a powerhouse of tough choices suffice it to say that she becomes chair of her department and, subsequently, a high ranking administrator of her university, in the early 70s, when she was two or three years past thirty and this after a tremendously challenging childhood [...]

    • I ve known for years that Lillian Faderman is a distinguished scholar of LGBT history, but I didn t know she practically single handedly founded LGBT studies, thanks to the power she had when she became a university vice president in her early 30s I ve known for years that Lillian Faderman paid her own way through college by working in burlesque, but I didn t know that she had a long career in acting and soft core porn, starting as a child, trying to rescue her mother from back breaking labor.Th [...]

    • what an underrated gem this book is it s a beautifully written memoir, about growing up queer and poor and jewish in the 1940 s and 50 s i really felt like i was there with faderman, in the seedy gay bars and pinup photography studios, all the way to her tenured professor, partner and a baby life of the 70 s and 80 s ms faderman has made a career of keeping gay lesbian history alive, and her own personal history is definitely worth reading too i couldn t put it down

    • This is probably my favorite memoir of all time Her life is interesting and unexpected and the writing is outstanding Clearly a five star book I read it when it was first published and recently read it again, enjoying it just as much the second time around Don t miss this one.

    • Ms Faderman s story could have been a riveting novel, except that the series of events would have stretched our incredulity for its bigger than life experiences that could only be believed in the real world, not in fiction Lillian goes through derivatives of her name as Lil or Lily, with each name representing a phase in her turbulent life She tells the extraordinary story of growing as a very poor girl to an unwed mother who had made a series of very poor choices she lives to regret These life [...]

    • Excellent biography of a Jewish girl growing up with a near crazy mother and a slightly less crazy aunt The two sisters fight like cats and dogs mostly over her but somehow hold it together to give her a loving home Or really, two loving homes The mother works as a mannequin dresser for the smallest of wages, but somehow keeps her daughter fed, dressed and housed in cheap rented rooms, of course She takes her daughter to the movies Bette Davis, Marlene Dietrich and Charles Boyer and endless othe [...]

    • After being completely engrossed in Faderman s book, My Mother s Wars, I immediately began reading Naked in the Promised Land to pick up where the last book left off in Lillian and Mary s lives Faderman s memoir is engaging, and although focuses on her life growing up and her journey into adulthood and beginning her university career as a gay woman during the 1950s and 60s, she also continues to reveal insights into her mother and aunt s influences on her life Her life takes a lot of twists and [...]

    • Lillian Faderman, author, is merely one aspect of the complex and fascinating woman that is Lillian Faderman In her memoir, Naked in the Promised Land, Faderman explores the seeds of her identity as a small child in New York City to her trial by fire adolescence and young adulthood in East Los Angeles Her mother and her aunt were the sole survivors, due to their immigration to the United States, of their family s destruction by the Nazis Faderman struggled to realize their dreams, as well as fin [...]

    • I chose to read this book because it was an American Library Association Notable Book Sometimes reading a book based on this criteria is disappointing, but not this time I really enjoyed this memoir of Dr Lillian Faderman s life She tells of her childhood with her mentally unstable mother who lost her family in the Holocaust who raised her as a single parent at a time when that was neither common or accepted She also candidly, but not graphically, tells of her short lived career as a naked model [...]

    • this was great it s a treat to read a memoir written by someone who can write, and Lillian Faderman really can write the story of her upbringing was fascinating in a lot of ways, it really helped me understand the impact of the Holocaust on diaspora Jews, and helped me understand the ways that American Jews interact with queerness Ms Faderman is a groundbreaker, worthy of all kinds of respect and admiration and she tells her story with deep insight, compassion toward her self and her family, and [...]

    • A great memoir of a Jewish lesbian growing up in the 50 s and 60 s, born to a single Jewish mother whose family was killed by the Holocaust, save the girl s mother and mother s sister, who had previously been sent to the U.S Against all odds, the author s education was somewhat her salvation, and led to positions of power at a university in the 70 s, a time when women and minorities faced heavy discrimination A leader in gay lesbian publishing, deciding to conceive a child through insemination i [...]

    • I wasn t impressed with the quality of writing least for the first 1 3 of the book Then the story improved such that I didn t care how good the writing was Lillian Faderman s memior is interesting reading of her struggles to overcome her childhood poor, Jewish girl with no discernable chance of getting out of the poverty cycle She does though I m not giving anything away with that statement as her bio on the book jacket shows that she is a professor at Fresno State Her struggles with love and li [...]

    • I wanted to like this book, since Lillian Faderman is supposedly a pretty awesome lesbian historian from Fresno no less and this is her autobiography Unfortunately, I found it to be rather self indulgent and congratulatory, which I suppose is an easy area for autobiographies to tread into Though I admired her honesty in talking about her family and her affairs, I guess I just had a hard time liking her as a narrator.

    • WOW I rarely read non fiction My partner had read this for her book group and I needed something to hold me over until I could get to the library so.And I couldn t put it down This is so well written I have heard Lillian Faderman speak and thought she was a wonderful historian, lesbian advocate etc I had no idea how she got there.And the story is amazing And fun And heart wrenching What a great book.

    • read this in london, the last half in the air home interesting memoir i ve been reading so much poetry lately though, that i felt myself missing that in this book this book is really about a girl and her mother her education, her lovers, her trauma, her dreams are all incidental and essentially revolve around this dynamic which i suppose is a story about so many mothers and daughters i liked it a lot and found it compelling and sad and just so true.

    • Gorgeous, sad, uplifting, confusing everything I d hoped it would be Sex work ain t easy, and Faderman speaks with candor about doing it before it was mainstream Part memoir, part love letter to her family, part apologia, all heart I m not a huge non fiction reader, but Amanda suggested I check out this story of an old time stripteuse, and parts of it have stuck with me long after I finished Thanks, Amanda Jane.Highly recommended.

    • First rate scholars seldom take off their masks and tell where they came from In this incredibly brave memoir, Lillian Faderman, who is one of my favorite scholars, exposes her working class childhood, the strength of the women who pushed her forward, and her own history as a sex worker I couldn t put it down.

    • warning spoiler i was really sad when Lilian broke up Binky after 7 years Binky has been patient and waiting but the rest of the story was nice she s definitely an upstanding woman i was just so amazed by how she raised from the poor nurtured environment she had as a kid to academician she ended up as and the ending broke my heart.

    • From what I know about Faderman as an academic, I think I was expecting from this book It was a thoughtful and honest memoir, but it ended remarkably abruptly, and I didn t think it added anything particularly unique to what is already a bloated genre autobiography But it was juicy and well written, and if you found yourself on an airplane with it, I think it would do just fine.

    • Powerful memoir, covering childhood with a troubled single mothers Hollywood dreams, jobs with girly magazines and strip clubs, and as a young adult struggling with relationships and an academic career.

    • A beautifully written memoir about a girl being raised by her single mother and how she grows and develops into a leader in the feminist movement.

    • Lillian s life is an amazing journey and a testimony to the reality that we are not caged by our past I also thought it was an incredible love story, of self and of others.

    • She had an interesting life and I could certainly identify with her SHe did seem a tad egocentric towards the end All in all a good read.

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