Criminal Destiny #2020

Criminal Destiny By Gordon Korman Criminal Destiny A terrific page turner full of unexpected twists and revelations Buckle up James PattersonThe second book in the acclaimed action packed series from New York Times bestselling author Gordon Korman T
  • Title: Criminal Destiny
  • Author: Gordon Korman
  • ISBN: 9780062300041
  • Page: 381
  • Format: ebook
  • Criminal Destiny By Gordon Korman
    Criminal Destiny By Gordon Korman A terrific page turner, full of unexpected twists and revelations Buckle up James PattersonThe second book in the acclaimed, action packed series from New York Times bestselling author Gordon Korman.The clones of Project Osiris are free but they re being hunted After their narrow escape from their perfect hometown, Eli, Tori, Amber, and Malik are finally in t A terrific page turner, full of unexpected twists and revelations Buckle up James PattersonThe second book in the acclaimed, action packed series from New York Times bestselling author Gordon Korman.The clones of Project Osiris are free but they re being hunted After their narrow escape from their perfect hometown, Eli, Tori, Amber, and Malik are finally in the real world and determined to expose the leaders of Serenity They decide to track down Tamara Dunleavy, the mysterious billionaire and founder of Project Osiris Evading capture by breaking laws and sneaking into houses, hotels, buses, and cars are they becoming the criminals they were destined to be What they discover will change everything, leading them straight into the Plastic Works and the heart of the experiment, in order to uncover the deadly criminals they re cloned from and any evidence that will convince the outside world to believe the truth But the outside world isn t exactly what they expected strangers aren t just unfriendly, they re dangerous And the wrong move could send them right back into the arms of Dr Hammerstrom and trapped in Serenity for good.On a breakneck journey from Jackson Hole to a maximum security prison Eli, Tori, Amber, and Malik will stop at nothing to take Project Osiris down.
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      Korman wrote his first book, This Can t be Happening at Macdonald Hall , when he was 12 years old, for a coach who suddenly found himself teaching 7th grade English He later took that episode and created a book out of it, as well, in The Sixth Grade Nickname Game , wherein Mr Huge was based on that 7th grade teacher.Korman moved to New York City, where he studied film and film writing While in New York, he met his future wife live in Long Island with their three children.He has published than 50 books.

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    • Loved this book It was an amazing addition to the series I think that the characters and the writing were amazing and their definitely was a plot change that I didn t see coming If you haven t started this series I would highly recommend it.

    • It s basically a escapade novel, but with the awesome spin of the criminals not wanting to be criminals This is an awesome book by Gordon Korman.

    • The thrilling adventure continues I read the first book in this series, Masterminds a few years ago when it first came out and loved it This book 2 has been out for a while, but I never got around to reading it Just this past week, I received book 3 in the mail from thanks to my advanced pre ordering skills Then I realized that I must read book 2 so I could read book 3 and donate it to my school library Another book I can hopefully convince the kids to read I won t give details because you shoul [...]

    • The book I was reading was called MASTERMINDS CRIMINAL DENSITY it is the second book in the Mastermind series In my opinion this one was much better than the first one There was not really much I can say about this book without spoiling the first one But here is what I will say On the run from the purple people eaters a joke from the book and Serenity Eli, Tori, Amber, and Malik find out how hard it is out in the real world With many challenges along the way Such as and You didn t think I would [...]

    • With 100 pages left to read I already knew that there was no way this adventure was going to have adequate time to get everything worked out and settled in that amount of pages There were just too many things that hadn t even begun to be figured out or taken care of I m not complaining That just means I get at least one book with this smart group of kids who are now running for their lives And dang, what a cliff hanger the ending was How are they going to get out of this one I know the last boo [...]

    • This is the middle book in Gordon Korman s riveting trilogy about five kids, brought up in an isolated, seemingly idyllic community in New Mexico, who find out they are clones of criminal masterminds and the subjects of a research experiment called Project Osiris The writing, storytelling, and character portrayal are all first rate This book won the Crime Writers of Canada s 2017 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Juvenile Young Adult Novel.


    • ARC from Young Adult Books CentralEli, Tori, Amber and Malik have managed to escape from their perfect town of Serenity after uncovering information about Project Osiris They head for their friend Robbie s boarding school, where they regroup and learn a little about the outside world They also find out that the security forces from Serenity, the Purples, are on their tails Thinking they will be safer in a big city, they head to Denver, where Amber tries to go to the police This just alerts the P [...]

    • First thing I kind of dislike Gordon Korman now, for leaving cliff hangers at the end of the books in this series Every time, it s the worst possible moment to end, especially with the second book in the series, and the third book isn t out yet.Also, I really hate Hector Amani He acted like he really missed Eli, Malik, Amber, and Tori, but really he was just leading the Purples to them I especially hated how Hector said he was sorry he should ve thought about being sorry when he had made the dea [...]

    • How can Gordon Korman continue to crank out page turner after page turner Criminal Destiny picks up right where Masterminds left off full of action, adventure and a shocking turn of events I can t wait to get this in my students hands

    • Imagine yourself in a perfect world where nothing goes wrong The city you live in is always clean and everyone is nice to each other Then all of a sudden, you realize all of it is fake Your a clone, a clone from a criminal and so are your friends What would you do The book I read is called Masterminds The book is by Gordon Korman The book Masterminds is about Eli and his friends Eli s friends name are Tori, Amber and Malik This book is science fiction because in the world today, there are no hum [...]

    • The second book in the amazing series, Masterminds, this book takes you even deeper into the story of Eli, Tori, Malik, Amber and someone they thought was forever gone I was pleasantly pleased with this book.Gordon Korman is one of my favourite authors and writes some incredible books This book is no exeption After Eli and his friends escape the horrible town that is Serenity They are finally in the real world The world that was hidden from them because of project osiris if you have no idea what [...]

    • This is a trilogy that I am VERY happy I did not discover until the final book of the trilogy was released I just finished book two and while it wasn t as severe of a cliffhanger, it definitely left in the middle of the action.It is very difficult to review a book when you do not want to give ANY of the plot away, but I will attempt to do so This book, as the one before it, is a thrill ride to say the least I feel the adrenaline pumping as my heart is beating out of my chest I am right there wit [...]

    • This book is very thrilling and wild The adventure begins right away and you are instantly pulled into the book There are 11 total clones but only 4 escaped alive, Hector died on the way out these clones were kept in a secret location and they where not able to leave until they realized the truth about why they where in the dystopia world that seems perfect after they escape they begin to try and find was to bring sown the Osiris Project Along the way these clones find out there Father DNA there [...]

    • Just as amazing as the first one I am so intrigued by this story It s like The Truman Show Criminal Minds 99% of the serial killers I immediately started reading the 3rd.

    • An exciting continuation of the story This book was equally as full of plot twists and turns that will keep you and your students reading My students loved the first book, as did I, and this second was no disappointment Clearly, a third is in the works based on how this one ended A fun read for g4 7.

    • 4.5 Project Osiris was an experiment to find out what happens when criminal masterminds are cloned and raised in ideal, happy, loving situations When Tori, Amber, Malik, Eli, and Hector found out that they were part of the experiment they refused to be someone s science project any longer In Masterminds, the first book in the series, the kids busted out of Serenity, New Mexico, the town where they were brought up All but Hector survived the escape Having been sheltered for their whole lives, the [...]

    • Book 2 is just as good as book 1 So, personally, I found myself being a little skeptical of how these 4 kids could not get busted in the real world Or when they DO get busted, how they always manage to get away But it was still a thoroughly entertaining read Very well written and riveting My son loved all the action and was constantly coming home from school to talk to me and tell me what he d read that day, usually an uncommon occurrence when it comes to books A great read, highly recommended

    • Do you like action, adventure and suspense that will make you not want to put your book down Well, there are many books that do so but none of them come close to Masterminds Criminal Destiny The book I read was Masterminds Criminal Destiny by Gordon Korman Scientists cloned 5 kids from the worst of the worst criminals in a science experiment called Project Osiris and kept them in a peaceful city called Serenity where no crime happens and nothing bad happens The kids are not allowed to know who t [...]

    • J.P Thuma March Book Report Criminal Destiny Masterminds 2 By Gordan Korman I really liked reading this adventure novel The story is about four kids who turn out to be clones, of deadly criminals These four kids names are Eli, Malik, Amber, and Tori These kids are all adventorous, crazy, and smart They are part of an experiment called Project Osiris to see if they will turn out to be good people if they are raised in a very positive and happy environment Once the kids find out about being clones [...]

    • This review is also available on my blog, Read Till Dawn.Anyone who s been following my reviews for a while knows that I really loved Masterminds When I found out that the sequel was coming out, I was so excited to see what would happen next I went to Barnes Noble the week it came out, and snagged my very own bright, shiny copy.Needless to say, it did not survive the night I didn t name my blog Read Till Dawn because I have a real abundance of self control.And honestly, I am glad I bought a copy [...]

    • Gordon Korman has made a truly outstanding sequel to his first book Masterminds This book was just as fablous and if not better.The author makes following Eli and his friends on their journey to escape the Purple People eaters, also known as the security of Serenity come to life throughout every page in the book This book had me on edge at every turn I feel the author does an excellent job of showing the growth of the characters thoughtout the novel All of the characters start out denying that t [...]

    • Received an ARC from a reader affiliate program with no expectation of a positive review I m a big, big, big fan of the MASTERMINDS series for middle grade readers who are too impatient for books like The Maze Runner and Divergent, but are looking for a briskly paced soft sci fi that raises some gettable ethical questions.Eli, Tori, Amber, and Malik have all escaped from Serenity, the only place they have known, once they realized they were part of a giant secret experiment called Project Osiris [...]

    • Wow, that was something for sure I can say with complete certainty that i want to read the next one This book was awesome,annoying and frustrating at time but the ending, man that was something alright SPOILERS read at your own risk WHAT THE HECK, WHAT JUST HAPPENED I just cant even, this book i felt was so annoying that nothing would make it better but oh Gordan Korman has his ways I loved that this was so new to me, at the beginning i thought i knew the ending i was like yeah sure they are goi [...]

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